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mobile phone and ipod repair services

More and more people today rely on mobile phones. We know how important your investment can be and how frustrating it is when your phone becomes unusable. That's why when you use us to repair your faulty mobile, we will get it 100% working and back in your hands in the quickest time possible.

Mobile Phones can suffer from a wide range of faults. We can repair and advise on the following faults:

home button / wheel fault repairs   Home button / rollerball / trackpad / click wheel faults
ribbon fault repairs   Ribbon faults
lcd repairs   LCD faults
camera faults fixed   Lens replacement / camera faults
touch scren problems solved   Touch screen faults
speaker issues fixed   Speaker faults
microphone issues sorted   Microphone faults
signal problems resolved   Signal faults
keypad faults fixed   Keypad faults
liquid damage advice and repair   Liquid damage
software problems solved   Software faults
not powering up faults fixed   Not powering up
charging issues solved   Charging faults
headphone problems solved   Headphone faults
housing replacements done   Housing replacements

did you know?
We can repair your faulty device for a fraction of the cost to replace it , plus all our repairs come with a 90 day guarantee! So before you spend your hard earned cash on a new handset, why not get a quote from us today? You'll be surprised on how much money we could save you.

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